Dr Alexander I. Griffiths

Higher Education Specialist

Research Interests

Educational Policy & Strategy 

The thoughtful development of educational policy and strategy is paramount to the way in which we do things as a sector. As such it is important to develop policies and strategies that reflect and address the issues we face as a sector, but that are also perceptive of the issues we may come to face in time. Alexander therefore believes that educational policy and strategy should be developed to allow the sector and those who participate in it to be resilient to the challenges of the societal and political landscape within which Education is situated. 

Educational Identity & Experience

Alexander has a significant interest in the Social Identity Approach (SIA) to understanding how individuals identify with groups and engage in group behaviour. Whilst his previous research work has examined the SIA in connection to memory within the areas of gender, religious, and political identification, Alexander's focus has become orientated towards examining the potential role SIA can play in understanding educationally-based group identification and its impact on both the academic and social experiences of staff and students engaged in Education settings. 

Resilience in Education Populations

Having worked within services that seek to support students for most of his career, Alexander has started to develop interests in exploring the nature of resilience within educational settings. Particular interests focus on the ways in which students cope with the various crises they face both at an academic and personal level throughout the course of their studies, as well as examining methods through which we can promote resilient behaviours in order to prevent students arriving at crisis point.